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About myself.

My name is Matthias. At the time of writing I study General Game Development in The Netherlands. While games were important to me early on, it'd be a stretch to say they were at the center of my life. Certainly, I liked spending my time playing games, but I did other things too. For the longest while after finishing highschool I hadn't a clue what I wanted to do or become.

To keep a long story short, I've done one year of Bio-informatics, three years of (regular) informatics and after I finally learned that wasn't what I wanted to do for the rest of my live, I decided to apply at NHTV Breda. Frankly, I was extremely lucky to make it through the selection, and extremely glad too! The other studies I had done were interesting for sure, but it never quite clicked for me. Here I knew instantly I had come to the right place.

Now that I am still studying there's a certain degree of safety and freedom. There's no game company employing me, I can make what I want and with the help of teachers and fellow students alike it may even become half-way decent!

About Our Humanity.

Our Humanity is a first-person video game about the Holocaust through the eyes of a young child. Its main inspiration is Thomas Buergenthal's awe-inspiring book: A Lucky Child. In it, Thomas Buergenthal describes how he survived Auschwitz (amongst other horrors he endured) as a young boy. Our Humanity will take the same perspective and base itself on the experiences described in Buergenthal's book but will not seek to directly replicate them.

As it stands Our Humanity is the work-in-progress title for this game I hope to craft largely on my own. Certainly I will need help along the way, but I do hope to maintain a certain vision.

At the time of writing, Our Humanity is still very much in the concept phase. On this site I will attempt to archive all my progress be it in the art, design, or programming departements.

If I had to pitch the concept in the fewest words I'd say: Our Humanity is a mixture of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Telltale's The Walking Dead, and Mass Effect.

The game will focus on player choice and feature branching narrative. What will you do in order to ensure your survival? Who can you trust? Will you lie to the SS guards in order to save an inmate, or will you hand him over and improve your standing with the guards?

Last, but definitely not least: Our Humanity is not being made to shock or provoke. The Holocaust is a very sensitive subject still and I am determined to treat it with care and respect. Therefore, I wouldn't call Our Humanity a "game" as it being a fun past time. It is not meant to be fun or enjoyable in the traditional sense. It's meant to (hopefully) inspire thought and evoke empathy.

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