Dev Blog #2 Struggles

There has been too little progress recently, but I am working to rectify that!

Written by matthias on Thursday August 20, 2015
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I never had any illusions about this being easy. I knew that when I started this project, it was going to be tough, particularly because I have spent large amounts of time working on it alone. Fortunately a new college year will soon begin, which means I'll finally be able to share my work up until now with fellow students and lecturers. On the flip side, that also means I need to get several things done.

It would be unfair to say I haven't progressed at all, but progress has been slow. The most bewildering thing is that, given the scope of this project, it's hard to decide where to begin and at times I feel I am just not experienced enough to start this. Then again, I know that when I truly focus on something and pour serious time and effort in it, the result is almost always something I can be proud of. The passion to make this game a reality is still very much alive.

And that leads me into the aspect I've been struggling with most. A few months in, and I still can't clearly define what this game is about exactly.Just like any average Joe, I have ideas, and perhaps a few too many of them. One recent idea is that I am considering changing the perspective from a young Jewish boy to a young German boy. Recently I've seen more and more videos on gaming (Jimquisition) and game design (Extra Credits) channels where, in the comment section, a great deal of people raise the idea of playing WW2 from the German perspective for once. It's an interesting notion for sure, but on the flipside, it would be a dramatic shifting of gears at this stage of pre-production.

While I love thinking about these different possible narratives, I feel it's currently holding me back. As if it's some sort of excuse to actually sit down and write a game proposal. Then again, I can't write a game proposal if I don't know what I want to propose. All in all, there's a bunch of ideas and concepts floating through my head which I can sense are connected, but I haven't yet figured out how to connect them yet.

Right now, my #1 focus should be to write a Game Proposal. My target goal is to have it done on the 30th of August. Fingers crossed!

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