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Thank you for trying
our software!


While we have tried to make BoltWire as easy to use as possible, you will likely have a few questions getting started. And to tap into the many powerful features hidden just beneath the surface, you will have a few more! To help with this, we offer several sources of support:

  1. Online documentation. The BoltWire site has extensive documentation on our core features. And its all tagged and indexed to help you find what you want fast.
  2. Forum Area. Still have a question? Ask it in our Forum Area. Or search past posts and see if your question has already been answered.
  3. Mailing List. Join our mailing list. Everyone is welcome--and its a great option for support. Come help shape the future of this software.

Paid Support

Need help customizing BoltWire for some special task? Please submit your request to the mailing list above and one of the developers using BoltWire will be happy to pull together the code you need for a small fee to cover the time involved. Whatever you need can probably be done quickly by someone familiar with the code. Save yourself a few hours. Submit your request to the list!

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